Sev-İç Restaurant is existing since 1940 and initially was at service of clients as Beer House,and converted to “Meyhane” after the year 1982. "Meyhane”: Specially oriented for service of traditional foods and alcoholic & nonalcoholic drinks . Here you can find over 25 types of “meze “traditional appetizer" and meats and fishes are “grill on charcoal “ at service of guests. Guest capacity is for 150 persons. Sev-İç Restaurant was in top 10 among the restaurants all over Turkey in the issue of “Hürriyet Newspaper” dated 04.April 2003. Service to guests starts 11 a.m. till 24 p.m. and open every day of the week.

Beyoğlu District of Istanbul Municipality has awarded Sev-İç Restaurant with “White Lily Certification on classification of restaurants in the district hygienic control basis”. One of the main “ Traditional Meyhane Culture” is still continues in this passage by the presence of famous Turkish Novelist, journalists, poets as of the names in past and the recently well known famous ones. Every Friday noon time they are appointing to each other at Sev-İç Restaurant and starts very pleasant chats in a full of joy style, by tasting Turkish appetizers and presence of Turkish drink “Raki”and it’s typical odor., talks goes on humour, politics, philosophy, literature.

In the past Cite de Pera. Now Çiçek Pasajı

In the year 1844, there was a theater named “Naum" on site today’s Çiçek Pasajı. Principle opera and theatrical companies were playing in Naumtheater before appearing on the scenes of numerous Art Centers of Europe. In the year 1870 , an incendiary misfortune fire in Beyoğlu district of Istanbul returns this theater to ash. After 6 years in 1876 a Greek origin banker “ZografosEfendi” has bought the land of Naum Theater" and constructing individual luxury residential accommodations and shops on level places accordingly, new owner names here “Cite de Pera" after completion of this new complex. In the year 1908 the ownership of this site exchanges and new owner is *SadrazamKüçük Sait Pasha”.

* Sadr’azam :(similar political rank -“prime minister” today), naturally as can be seen in every alteration, new name is as of 1908 “ Sait Pasha Passage". During suspension of arms years of World War 1, florists moves from this passage and soon after Greek origin “YorgoEfendi” opens first drinking house here and contiguous similar style shops are follows . Afterwards, florists and residents who were living at upper floors are obliged to quit this site. Today’s name of this passage “Çiçek Pasajı” is a left name behind florist who were once sellers in this passage. *Çiçek : “flower" And finally in the year 2005 Çiçek Passage has renewed by the supports of “Mey İçki A.Ş”-“ Well known Drinks Manufacturer in Turkey “and meets today’s appearance.

You cannot get enough of the Ezine white cheese and appetizers made from the pure olive oil of the Ezine region. His regulars are mostly writers, artists and cinema worlds. Every evening, acardeon player İbrahim gives many enjoyable moments with Turkish Classical Music songs.

If desired, the groups are also provided with chapters. Sev İç Restaurant was in the top ten in the list of Turkey's most popular and best taverns published in Hürriyet Newspaper on April 04, 2003. Sev İç Restaurant, which has the White Lily Hygiene Certificate issued by the Beyoğlu Municipality, is a decent place where you will enjoy your drinks. Seviç Restaurant, one of the best examples of tavern culture, is open every day between 11 and 24 o'clock.


The best time at Seviç Restaurant starts with warm conversations with friends. Your table is full of glasses After being frozen with appetizers, the sounds of violin, oud, accordion, tambourine start to come slowly to your ears.

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